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Stretchy Cotton Gloves Color Natural White (Cream)

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Stretchy Wool Glove

Stretchy Coolmax(R) Polyester Gloves

Stretchy Coolmax(R) Polyester Gloves

Our passion is research and development with an eye towards manufacturing. To date, our R&D efforts have been primarily focused on gloves; in particular, stretchy seamless knit gloves.

With their snug fit and “just right” fabric thickness our gloves may be worn alone for lightweight hand coverage or worn underneath other, “outer” gloves for improved comfort, managing hand sweat or enabling outer glove ‘easy on / easy off’.


Stretchy Coolmax(R) Polyester Open Fingered Mitten and Gel Pack

We currently sell the gloves we manufacture here in Wisconsin direct to businesses and to consumers.  There are additonal, non-glove products we offer for sale on a limited basis and we look forward to expanding our product offerings further as our research and development efforts expand in scope.

Stretchy Cotton Heel Sleeve

Stretchy Cotton Heel Sleeve

Check out (US) to learn more about our current product offerings at OTS LLC Offerings sold on (US) 

(Or, enter ‘Occupational Textiles Solutions LLC’ in the search box at the top of Amazon’s home page to see all of our active listings.)

Then, for those businesses looking to send an inquiry for volume pricing e-mail us at

For any other questions feel free to send us an e-mail at


Stretchy Coolmax(R) Polyester Headband

Stretchy Nylon Open Fingered Gloves Color Beige

Stretchy Nylon Open Fingered Gloves Color Beige